Meet The Face Behind Painting By The Whitehouse Inc.

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I’m Scot White, the proud owner of Painting By The Whitehouse Inc.

I look forward to sharing my story. I hope that you will enjoy getting to know me better.

My dad, Randy White, started the business in 1983 after accepting an early retirement package from working at INCO for thirty-seven years. I learned the ropes alongside him, while I studied Theology at Emmanuel Bible College. 

After graduating, I served as a youth pastor, hospital chaplain, and missionary. As a pastor of a small church, I supplemented my income as an insurance agent, car salesman, and a painter. As much as I did not want to paint for a living, I kept coming back to the skills my father taught me in my youth.

In 1996, my dad decided to retire and hand over the reins of the family business to me. I proudly picked up his paintbrush and tools with the endeavor to continue his labor of love that managed to provide for his family and would go on to feed mine.

With the hunger to build on the earlier success, I hit the ground running with sales. I am a people person, so this area came naturally to me. After spending nineteen years running the business, I decided to incorporate it in 2015. I also continued to search for new areas of growth.

In 2017, I attended the Painting & Decorating Contractors of America (PDCA) expo, in San Diego, which proved to be a game changer. The experience narrowed down my focus and convinced me of the direction I should take for a prosperous future.  

Today, we are a dynamic company with an altruistic vision to make a difference in the world. From a one-man show, I have employed eight staff, adding three more to the roster recently.

After attending a PDCA expo in 2019, I changed the strategy for hiring new staff and found the whole process very exciting. I now look to bring in quality individuals, based more on personality rather than their painting experience.

I believe that I can provide opportunities to learn on the job by demonstrating skills and imparting knowledge, but ethics and a good attitude are inbuilt traits. To see the enthusiasm on the faces of new hires is enjoyable, and knowing that these employees can provide for their loved ones is heartening to me.

Looking ahead, five to ten years down the road I am sometimes afraid at the thought of not being able to execute my vision, but I feel I can mold my team into professionals that will strive for excellence and preserve my father’s legacy. 

My business philosophy stems from something my dad taught me when I was just a boy. I still remember him kneeling down to speak face to face and tell me, “son, you can never ask someone else to do something you are at least not willing to even try.” In following my dad’s words, I believe I will always treat everyone in this company with love and respect. I may be the owner, but I truly desire for the team to grow together, and everyone will be rewarded for their efforts.

Just the other day, I was training one of the recruits, and we were painting a bathroom, which was not pleasant. As much as I wanted to give her the brush and have her paint around the toilet, those words of my dad rang in my ears, so I crouched down and did the job. I hope that I never get so full of myself that I cease doing the things we all hate to do.

The customer is vital to any business, but employees are the life of the company. If those who work for the company are happy, content, and feel fairly treated and respected, then they will represent the company well and will please our customers.

As an individual, I believe what sets me apart from the others is my integrity. It is the characteristic I pursue first and foremost for myself and my company. I define it as merely being whom I say I am both in public and more importantly, in private when I think no one is watching or listening. If I am whom I say I am in secret, it is easy to be so in public. However, I do stumble at times, but then integrity does not mean being perfect, although it requires us to take ownership of mistakes, shortcomings, and failures.

I attribute my success to three things. Firstly, my dad not only taught me how to paint and run the business, but he instilled character and faith into me. If not for these values, I do not believe I would have achieved so much.

Secondly, my religious background has allowed me to overcome any hurdle that I have had in both my business and personal life. It is my faith in Jesus Christ that has helped me to maintain my mental health, affording me the opportunity of making wise and beneficial decisions. I pray God gives me the strength and fortitude to have just a raindrop effect upon the ocean of this world for the sake of his name.

Thirdly, the PDCA has been a considerable influence in developing the tools, knowledge, and mentorship for the growth in my work.

When I am not at work, I love spending time with my family. My three girls are all grown up, married, and moved out, and I have two grandchildren. I also have a beautiful fifteen-year-old stepchild, thanks to my relationship with Ellen. They help me spend my free time exploring around Hamilton, checking out the impressive waterfalls, concerts, parks, and the art world in this remarkable city. I like to stay active in sports, playing ultimate frisbee, and floor hockey. We also have a campervan which we escape with once in a while.

On a final note, I would like to thank Ross Englefield, who has been my right-hand man for over five years. Thanks Ross, I do owe you more than I can afford. Hopefully, we will continue to grow this company, and someday soon, you will reap the rewards you deserve!

I have enjoyed sharing my story about the things which matter to me and how they influence the way I do business.

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